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Welcome to SpiraLight

Dear Spiralight Customers and Friends:
In 2007, Hilbert Communications acquired Lightpoint Networks, LLC which at the time had a single fiber network running from Minneapolis to Chicago.  Over the past 6 years, the newly formed Spiralight Network, LLC has invested extensively in additional fiber IRUs, DWDM equipment and reliability measures as we created a Southern Ring from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago and back to Rockford along with a Northern Ring from Green Bay to Appleton to Beaver Dam to Madison to Eau Claire to Minneapolis and back to Green Bay.

In late 2012, Spiralight began negotiations with various companies wishing to expand their networks in Wisconsin or establishing a presence in Wisconsin.  Earlier this year, the Boards of Directors of both WIN (Wisconsin Independent Network) and Hilbert Communications approved a transaction in which WIN would acquire substantially all of the assets of Spiralight.  That sale/acquisition was consummated on July 1, 2013.

WIN and Spiralight share a dedication to innovative service solutions and excellence in customer service.  In that regard, it is our goal to make the transition for all involved as seamless and smooth as possible.  The combination of WIN and Spiralight’s network assets creates an expanded footprint, adds significant bandwidth capacity and network redundancy to better serve customer needs.
WIN was formed in 1997. WIN is a Midwest regional provider of wholesale and enterprise transport network services, next generation IP solutions, and data center services. WIN is an operating subsidiary of Communications Management Group, LLC, a privately-held company owned by 31 independent local telephone companies. The company’s website may be found at www.wins.net.

There is no action that you need to take at this time, and your service will continue – just as it is today.
WIN will contact each of you soon to welcome you, and to confirm how the current service is working for you.  WIN has been made aware of your existing circuits, circuit ID information, and your contact information, and they are now monitoring your circuits.

WIN’s customer contact information is:
WIN Sales Support: 715-832-3728
WIN Trouble Report Number:  866-206-2027
WIN Customer Support Email: support@wins.net

This transaction will provide additional options and services for Spiralight customers and allow Hilbert Communications to focus on their core wireless business.  On behalf of Spiralight, we thank you for your business over the past years.  On behalf of WIN, we welcome you to the WIN family of customers.


Steven J. Schneider                                                           Scott Hoffmann
Spiralight Network, LLC                                                    Wisconsin Independent Network (WIN)